Simple, Secure & Performing Technology

Leverage our entreprise-grade technology. Don't spend months learning mobile quirks and building your own infrastructures. The EvoMob remix framework will provide you with a robust infrastructure for all your mobile projects.

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How it works

Insert one line of code at the top of every pages of your website & every visitors to your website will be diverted to the version of the website that suits their devices the most. The user will only and directly see the mobile version.

The EvoMob Remix framework is re-skinning in real time of your website pages. Every time a page is loaded, the content, data and general business logic is automatically inherited from your desktop page. Only the design / styling of the page is loaded from the EvoMob’s Cloud platform. It presents the natural advantages of preserving complete data safety as no information other than design-related information is transitioned through the EvoMob cloud.

  • Works with any technology
  • Simple to install
  • Maintain control over your data
  • A large infrastructure at your services

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Cloud Platform Features

Image Optimization

Automatically reduce image file sizes and serve the right image to the right devices. Support Also Retina Devices!

Content Delivery Network

Distribute your content to 23 data centers around the world. Get the fastest Mobile page loadtimes and best performance.

Instant deployment and autoscaling

Update your mobile sites in one click with our automated deployment infrastructure. Stop worrying about traffic spikes thanks to cloud automated load balancers

Full feature inheritance

All your "desktop" website features are effortlessly available to style for your mobile versions. No more painful duplication of business logics

100% safe and compliant

Only publicly accesible information is transitioning through our Cloud. Users data and payment information remains in your absolute control

Web based editor

Edit in real time your mobile website through our online code editor and version control system. Simplify your mobile worflows.